Information about Copy & Restoration of Photographs and Pictures

Max Bailey Photography has extensive experience and talent to restore photographs, fix pictures, copy 35mm slides and duplicate 35mm slides.


Restoring old photographs

Have you ever discovered an old photograph of a loved one? Perhaps it was your grandmother's wedding portrait or a picture of your great-grandfather as a child. Chances are, the photograph was in poor condition -- cracked, faded, scratched or even torn. But not for long.

We can take your treasured photographs and bring them back to life with our professional restoration and copy services. Your original photograph will be handled with tender loving care -- we'll copy it, then restore the copy -- and return the original to you untouched. We'll turn your old photographs into timeless works of art that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Copy Services -- In some cases, your original photograph may be in perfect condition -- but it's the only one you have. Take advantage of our copy service. We use the finest optics available to reproduce your original with the sharpest results anywhere. Whether you need one copy, or a thousand, each one will look as good as the original.

Restoration service -- Bringing an old photograph back to life is in itself a form of art. It takes many long hours of skilled craftsmanship and love to restore your precious memories. Since some photographs may require more care and attention than others, we offer various levels of restoration services. (And remember, all restoration is done on a copy print, so there's absolutely no damage to your original).


Copy and Restore Process

With our Photographic restoration process, your valuable original is never harmed or damaged. We begin the process by copying the photograph with polarized light to minimize reflections.  We take the new digital file and have our highly trained and experienced artists, repair any damage. Almost any damage can be fixed, the variables are how long it takes to the fix the photograph and the photographic artists skill needed.

  • Bring in your image for an estimate for the total investment.
  • There is a $15 Copy charge, artist charge, and per print charge.
  • You only par the copy and art work charge once, additional prints are only the actual price of the print.
  • Once you have approved placed your order, we create a working image for the artist
  • Once the artwork is completed we order your restored photographs.
  • Images are ready and finished in about 4 weeks depending on the amount of time needed.

Copy 35 mm slides

We have a large number of clients come  in with their old family 35mm slides for us to copy and duplicate the slide, slideshow slides, training slide, historic slide or other kodachrome or Ectachrome slides for reproduction.   Most jobs are $1.50 per slide and $25 for writing to a DVD.  We lightly and quickly adjust density and color if possible.  Call or stop in for a custom quote for large quantities or consistent exposure.

In additional to digital files, we can make desk size prints, large prints or photographic albums.


Copy School composites

Many schools have historic class composites on display in their halls.  These valuable pieces of school history tend to deteriorate with time.  Plus the only way to view the images is to walk the halls.

We have the skill to photographically archive every composite in the school without removing them from their fragile frames.  We use specific lights and lens filters to eliminate glass glare.  For a small per composite fee we can archive all these images to a digital file, for archive, printing or web viewing.


Never forget Max Bailey Photography has extensive experience and talent to duplicate 35mm slides, to restore photographs, fix pictures, and copy 35mm slides.