Maternity & Newborns F.A.Q.

• When should I schedule my newborn portrait?

A: Anytime during the last month

• When should I schedule my newborn portrait?

A: On the way home from the hospital, just kidding, but within the first seven days, after that they lose their newborn look.

• How revealing are your maternity portraits?

A: Whatever you are comfortable with, we mainly want to show your belly, and sometimes clothing gets in the way, we never create any overly reveling photographs, or images you are not comfortable with.

• What should I wear for Maternity portraits?

A: A good start is either white or black, tube top & tight shorts, or solid bikini swim suit bottom or equivalent.

• How do I know what to do and how my session will be.

A: At your free portrait consultation, we will plan, clothing, backgrounds, sessions, props, and all the details.