Children & Babies - Testimonials

"I loved my maternity images, Joel created images of me and my horse several years ago that I love.  He was the first one I thought of when I wanted maternity images. I look forward to him creating new born images of my baby girl."


Lissa W.

"Joel offered to create Maternity images of me before our daughter was born.  I was unsure at first but Joel made me feel very comfortable, and I thoroughly enjoyed my session.  I now have some great images of me at that time of my life."


Rachael H.

"I wanted images of my wife at this time in our marriage.  She was pregnant with our first child.  Joel created some great images of the two of us with her extended tummy.  He did some elegant images of her, her and tummy, and our hands over our unborn baby.  Priceless."


Peyton B.