About Us

Experience to depend on

Joel Maxwell is a highly experienced, Minnesota Certified Professional Photographer and Photoshop Artist, with great technical photographer skills. In a photography session with Joel, clients receive the benefit of his artistic eye and his technical mastery honed over decades of photography experience. Our staff, specially trained photography art experts, Professional Portrait Labs oversee every step of the creative process to ensure our clients have a thoroughly enjoyable experience and receive stunning artistic portraits of the highest quality.

Max Bailey Photography always delivers

There are many photographers but few have been around as long as Joel Maxwell. There are even fewer who have his photographic expertise and attention to detail. He has the skill, training and knowledge to always deliver an outstanding artistic product. Joel uses his expertise in Photoshop to change an image a to piece of wall art. His clients call because they know we will deliver high quality portraits and products.

43 years of experience working for you

Joel has been a professional photographer for over 43 years. He has spent the time necessary to learning and updating his craft. He has worked in the industry under Master Photographers, Ed Matuska, Jay Clausman, and Photo industry leaders such as Bremson Inc, and Kodak. His exceptional photography has been accepted into the National displays by the Professional Photographers Of America. While owning his own darkroom, he further developed his craft becoming an expert printer in silver, Black and White, and fine art high silver content Kodak Ektalure paper. He now applies similar artistic control with Photoshop that he had in the past with hand printed fine art prints and retouching. Joel has taken his past skill and rolled it forward to be a Photoshop expert.