Has your head-shot expired?

Is your business portrait up to date?

Having a professional business portrait made takes time and money…so if you’re happy with yours, why get a new one made? This is a question we’re asked frequently by executives and firms who don’t want to spend more than necessary on their website or online image.

The truth is that business portraits have a shelf life of about five years. Allowing a photo older than that to represent you is simply ‘false advertising.’ You make sure to keep your web content and marketing materials current. Why not pay the same careful attention to your online portrait? Here are our top three reasons to update your web image at least once every five years:

 Your looks have changed, and so have you. You may not think your new hairstyle, updated eye wear and fashion choices are much different than they were when that last photo was taken. But trust us…they are. Allowing a dated photograph to represent you sends all kinds of messages, and none of them are good. You want prospective clients to see you as being in touch with the times and on the cutting edge of what’s new in the business world. An old photograph sends the opposite message, suggesting that you are stuck in the past, reluctant to change and not up to par with your contemporaries.

You’re part of a team, and your portrait should reflect that. Portraits of new hires may or may not match the style of your older photograph. Instead of looking like the veteran, you may come across as one who’s been left behind. Updating your web photo brings cohesion to the firm and presents your executives as a unified team, which is a selling point to prospective customers.

You can afford it. The time and money invested on a portrait sitting is a small amount of your add budget. We make the experience streamlined and affordable. Chances are that you’re not the only executive who needs a new head shot. We’ll come to your office, photograph as many individuals as needed, allow you to view the images on the spot and choose your preferred pose. We also offer convenient scheduling, consistent background and head size in portraits across many offices, complimentary media sized image for use on Linked In, and other online uses.  we also make your web images “SMART” ! We fill in the embedded image data, so your images leads back to you no matter where it is found on the internet.

If you’re worried that you’ll never look as good as you do in that old portrait, you can relax. We’ll prove that you look better than ever looked.