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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?
We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If for any reason, you must cancel or reschedule, we ask that you do so before 48 hours of your scheduled session. Because we have set aside specific studio time for your session, your session fee is non-refundable. However, you may transfer the fee to a rescheduled session.

What does the session fee cover?
A full session covers the time and talent of the photographer. It is the fee required to create your images it does not apply to your portrait order.

Do I place my order at my projection appointment?
A: Yes, it is most beneficial to you to place your order at your scheduled projection appointment.  An archive retrieval fee  may be applied to an order placed to a second projection date. We ask that you have all decision makers present for your projection appointment, and have some ideas of where you would like the images displayed in your home, to make the process run smoothly for everyone.

Where is your studio located?
A: We typically photograph on location for the convenience of our clients. We also have space we rent as needed if the client does not have a suitable location available, no extra charge to you.  All of our studio backgrounds, lights and equipment is portable.  We can set it up in your home, office or business if needed. It makes it convenient for you to get ready, have your wardrobe available, and easier to get the whole family ready.

We also do many location environmental portrait where we feature you in your surroundings, your home, your yard, a favorite location, or at your company.

Our business office is located in Upsala, Mn, however we cover from St Cloud, Mn  to Park Rapids, Mn and all points between.  We regularly photograph sessions in Bemidji, Walker, LaPorte, Solway, Black Duck, Menahga, Osage, Nevis, Akley, Detroit Lakes, Sebeka, Wadena, Staples, Verndale,  New York Mills, Bertha, Randall, Browerville, Long Priarire, Cushing, Brained, Baxter, Pequot lakes, Jenkins, Deerwood, Deer creek, Clarissa, St.Cloud, St. Joseph, Alexandria, Burtrum, Upsala, Foley, Rice, Royalton, Motley, Kimbal, Melrose, Albany, Sauk Rapids, and all points between.

Do you travel?
A:Yes everywhere in our trade area, travel rates are included in your session fee.  Extra trips may incur an extra charge.

How long will my session take?
A: Depends on your session and a variety of  other factors.  I always like to start with the most important photograph first and continue down the list.   With big family groups, the time is done when the youngest child is done.  Individuals and couples are usually 30 minutes, families two hours, high school grads 2-3 hours depending on clothing changes, and other portraits and hour or so.  Weddings vary by coverage from two hours to all day, depending on the package you choose. Ask when you schedule your session and we can closely estimate the length of your session.

What should I do to prepare for the session?
A: When you commission us for your portrait session, you draw on our experience, regarding preparing for your session. We plan the concept for your portrait, its final use, print, digital and where you will display your portrait.   Consult with us for the concept of your portrait session. We will discuss location, clothing, desired use of the final image, and what we need to do to plan your portrait session.  We talk about how to look the best in your portrait, the right clothing can remove 20 pounds, the wrong clothing can add an extra 20.  We want you to look like you are having a very good day in your portraits.  Knowing your final use will let us know how best to create your portrait.

What do I need to do to book my session?
A:  Call with your preferred times, so we can schedule your required date.  We collect a deposit usually your session fee plus tax, to hold your date.  We can use any major credit card, mailed check or cash.  We usually set the date for your projection appointment the same time we schedule your portrait session.

What should I do to prepare for the session?
A: Consult with us for the concept of your portrait session. We will discuss location, clothing, desired used f the final image, and what we need to do to plan your portrait session.

How quickly do we get to see our photographs after the session?
A: Usually we schedule a viewing  & ordering appointment 24 to 48 hours after your session.  If your group will be together tor only a short time we can accelerate that to the same day as your session, as time allows.  We show you your images electronically, helping you decide on the best images, cropping, retouching and finishing your final image.

Do you touch-up the images?
A: All of our finished printed portraits are color corrected, cropped, and retouched.  Use the best artists and professional labs to print our images.  Anything to do with skin is considered retouching, and included in your print purchase.  More extensive artwork, changing heads, changing backgrounds, adding or removing people and similar requests are considered artwork,please ask for a quote if you have a specific request.  For instance changing a head from one image to another similar image starts as $45 per head.

Do I get the digital files from my session?
A: As an option you may choose to purchase your “Digital Proofs”.  This is for the client who wants to order, retouch and adjust their own images.  It tends to be the  more expensive, and lesser quality choice for most people.  We color correct and basic crop digital proofs. Historically we have printed most of our images, by client choice. We add our experience for retouching, cropping, quality printing, and finishing of your portrait.  Purchasing digital proofs opens you up to the opportunity to get a lesser quality finished print.  In most cases your get what you pay for, when you pay less you do not receive the same finished print we produce.

We  guarantee all of our printed images. Once you purchase the digital proofs,  we relinquish the control to you, and cannot make our guarantee.  Digital proofs are suitable for 8×10 and smaller prints. We do offer free facebook images to share from images your order finished prints from. Purchasing prints is usually more economical that purchasing unlimited rights to printing digital proofs.  We price our digital files in sets of five, for a package price.

How are my images printed? Are they archival?
Your images are printed on the finished archival paper and with the best archival inks.  We guarantee our images , and will replace any image at no charge for a year, and half price as long as we still have the file in printable condition.  We use only the finest color labs, artwork, mounting and finishing available.  You can display our images with pride.

What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, check, gold, silver and all Major credit cards.

Is there sales tax?
A: The state of Minnesota,  requires sales tax on photographic services.

How long will it take for my order to be completed?
We normally deliver finished orders in under four weeks.  Let us know if you have a specific deadline.  We can try to meet your deadline, or with a rush charge, or expedited shipping if necessary.

How much do you charge?
A: Our prices vary by product line, the time invested and your finished print order.  Everyone has different needs, call us and we will come up with a solid estimate of your total investment.  Please remember that the lowest price is not always the best value.  We add a lot of value to our portraits, with our experience, artwork, retouching and finishing your final portrait.  Our normal session fee is $150, that varies depending if extra or less time is need.  also wedding and commercial photography follow a different rate menu.  Plus the finished product you chose it could be a small gift print at under $50, or a large order with wall art up into the hundreds or more.

Our Max Bailey Photography Guarantee, You must be thrilled with your photographs, or we will refund your payment or remake them to your satisfaction.