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Park Rapids, Minnesota Photographer Joel Maxwell
Has Been In Photography For Over 20 Years.

Now that you have decided that these memories are too precious to waste, you do need to call Joel Maxwell you're ready to begin!


Since you've already decided that you want to have some of the best photos in Minnesota, we'll start you on your path to them with a consultation in our studio.


Then, we'll decide on overall aesthetic and wardrobe.


After that, we will pose you for your portraits or we will create your wedding photos.


Next comes viewing the result. You can select only the images you want.


When that's all done, we'll do the prints and then VIOLA! Magic. You'll be all set with your new portraits.


But, the whole process begins with one little phone call to our studios in Park Rapids, Minnesota.


Since most people only experience a portrait session occasional we are here to guide you through the process. From the first phone call to Max Bailey Photography, through your portrait consultation, during your session, the selection process, and the final delivery of your order, we guide you through he process.


The very best part is we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not thrilled with your portraits, we will either remake them to your satisfaction or refund all your money that has been paid.


So What Should You Do Right Now?

Now, while it's fresh in your mind, pick up the phone, and call me so we can chat on the phone. No charge. No obligation. No sales pitch. We're not that kind of studio. CLICK HERE to find the number to call. We'll just chat. You can ask us any questions you may have. We'll see if there are any session times still that will fit your schedule. If there are, and if you'd like to, we can set up a time for you to come in and we can show you around the studio, and chat a bit. There's still no charge or obligation. You do not need to have made a decision to hire us, before you can come in and chat with us! No way!


Then, after we meet and chat, if you feel you'd like to have us create your portraits, fine. If not, fine also. We are here to help you in any way we can. But we're not here to pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do. The decisions are completely up to you.


However, I do want to urge you to act immediately! My schedule is filling at the time I'm updating this site. Why? Because I have such a great reputation from my pat portrait clients I have worked with. They tell all their friends, and then they all call me, and my book just fills up. Plus, because we spend so much time with each one of our sessions we photograph, we can't photograph as many sessions as other photographers who have more of a "factory" arrangement.


Call us now, please. (218) 732-7979

We have an excellent reputation in the community, and we'll take really good care of you. So call us today. We'll just chat. No charge, no obligation, no sales talk. But don't put it off. I know that at this moment, you aren't sure about your portraits. We strive to give you all the information you need about your upcoming portrait session.


One more thing, your portrait is a very personal thing.

Having your portrait created is such a personal thing, that you want to be sure you select a photographer and creative portrait artist who is not only really driven to help you look fantastic, but who you also like and trust. That's why I urge you to read the comments from some of the other clients we have photographed, and then call us and chat on the phone. This will give you an immediate feeling as to who we are, so you can decide now, while we hopefully still have some session times available. Then call to set a time to at least come in and chat.